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Business Electricity Prices

Over the past year or so many businesses have seen their Business Electricity and gas prices rise steadily.

This is seen a substantial increase in the month spend. Unfortunately this trend is set to continue.

Throughout this article i will look at different sectors and ways to keep ahead of these steep rises. If you put this plans in place today i can guarantee savings.


There are many simple and efficient ways to save on your business electricity prices and to cut back on your business electricity and business gas usage. Most of the techniques will not cost you a penny and will only take five minutes of your time. The first step here is the simplest but most neglected this is one of the major pointless expenses for business.

At the end of the day go round and switch off all your computers, printers scanners etc. Statistics show 70% of office doesn’t bother checking everything is off. It’s the same as leaving the lights on at home when your at work you wouldn’t do that so why live your computer on. There are other alternatives but these will cost you unfortunately. For example you can use timed light switches which will turn off everything when our out of office.

These aren’t the most expensive things in the world so might turn out to be a very good investment for the business and cut down the business electricity prices your paying. You can also look at using energy saving light bulbs these will also save you money in the long run. These light bulbs start slower and continually use less power than the traditional.

One real basic thing is to check your equipment throughout the office is energy efficient you can get everything tested these days for efficiency. If you find that your equipment is poor when it comes to this it might be worth investing in new equipment your be surprised how much business electricity prices are affected by faulty equipment. Obviously this depends on the cost of the new equipment. And finally when you’re not in the office turn the heating off, there are many businesses that forget to do this. It’s really simple just turn on the thermostat...


Hotels as a general tend to have higher business electricity prices that many sectors due to their high demand.

Hotels are a massive power user as the comfort of the guest is paramount. Hotels will obviously benefit from all the points above. One proven method for hotels is sensor light switches in all corridors and stairs these only become a power drain when someone is there otherwise your just saving.. One final is do all your washes at once rather than bits and bobs this will save on the electric as machines like tumble dryers are massive power resources.


The manufacturing industry is notorious for using a lot of power mostly electricity. All the machines tend to be very power hungry to run. So what can you do to save money on these??

The first step is to make sure all your equipment is serviced regularly faulty equipment results in higher power consumption. As well as proper services you need to do basic maintenance on all machines to keep them working at the best performance. There are plenty of ways to keep the machines functioning properly but for less. Energy efficient motors are just one example. This is proven to reduce their power consumption by 8%.

The most important things is to make sure these machines are actually off when not being used i mean actually off.. Even on standby some of the machines are a massive drain on the power resources. Quite often bigger machines will have secondary motors this will continue to tick along when on standby this will result in high amount of electricity still being used this will on result in your Business Electricity Prices being high.

General Advice

Being honest good use of lighting power is the most basic and most important way for most industries to keep a cap on the bills. A real basic bit of advice for the retails or catering sector freezers are a massive drain on resources, it’s worth defrosting them regularly this will keep them performing at the highest standard.

You need to embrace all these changes but more importantly you need all employees of any nature to embrace these changes! If your cleaners in at 5 am make sure they turn the lights off when they leave if you’re not in till 9...

In truth there are many ways to save money on your bills like regularly checking the tariff you’re on its always important to make sure your getting the right business electricity prices.

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